nuclear wintour (shirleebee) wrote in garbage_fans,
nuclear wintour

If you are interested in keeping up with Garbage reviews:,GGLD:2003-43,GGLD:en&tab=wn&ie=UTF-8&scoring=d

Overall, the reviews have been pretty positive, especially from US magazines.

Pitchfork unfortunately trashed it and gave it 4.5/10, but they are indie elitists who have never been fond of Garbage, so whatever. AP gives it 4/5. NY Times gave it a good review. NY Post gave it 3.5/4.

I actually scanned 4 of the NY area papers BLM reviews were in yesterday:

NY Post:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

NY Times:
Image hosted by

Daily News:
Image hosted by

Star Ledger:
Image hosted by
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